Daegu Technical Tours

The Daegu Technical Tour is a program to inspect and hold meetings with companies, research institutes,
and organizations related to international meetings. Fitting with its reputation as Daegu,
the Medical Special City, the program offers Medicity tours, future industries tours, and a tours that combine technology with the arts.

Medicity Tour


Suseong Medical District

Suseong Medical District

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Future Industries Tour

Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRA)

Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute (KIAPI)

Software Convergence Technology Support Center (SWCC)

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The Technology and Arts Cluster

Daegu SAMSUNG Creative Campus

Samsung Trading Company

Sinseo Innovative City


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Medicity Tour

The Medicity tour is a medical tour that provides visits to and an opportunity to create networks with advanced medical institutions and research facilities in Daegu, the center for medical conventions in Korea. As the nation’s capital for eastern medicine with more than 360 years of history, Daegu has a well-developed medical infrastructure with 5 medical schools, 12 general hospitals, and 6 medical institutions verified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.The city is a leading medical city and was awarded the “Korea Representative Brand Grand Prize” in the medical city category for 5 years in a row (as of 2019).

  • Medivalley + Website

    The Daegu Gyeongbuk High-tech Medical Complex (Medivalley) represents a total investment of 4.6 trillion won, with project development that will span from 2009-2038 (initial phase 2010-2013). In August 2009, 105 million sqm of land in the Dong-gu Innovation City area was selected by the government for the project to advance the Korean medical industry to an international level through the creation of 16 new global drugs and 18 advanced medical devices.

    Support center for new drug development / Support center for advanced medical equipment development / Animal testing center / Center for clinical trials / Center of eastern medicine (Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine) / Korea Institute of Brain Science / Communications center○ Support center for smart clinical trials and commercialization

  • Suseong Medical District

    As one of eight sites of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone, the Suseong Medical District is designed for specialized hospitals and high-tech IT companies.
    The area is leading the development of the medical IT industry by implementing advanced knowledge and technology gained from overseas, while also becoming a medical tourism destination through the attraction of medical tourism hotels and specialized international hospitals.

    • Target: Specialized hospitals, institution connected with medicine (state-run), medical tourism facilities, advanced IT companies, etc.
    • Specialized medical facilities for implants, hair transplants, medical exams, and medical tourism hotels
    • A one-stop rest and relaxation service covering everything from accommodation to shopping
Future Industries Tour

The Future Industries tour is an industry tour program that provides visits to research institutions and companies associated with hosting conferences related to the Daegu 5+1 New Growth Industries. The Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau highlights Daegu’s strengths as the center for key industries in Korea to not only attracts events related to the region’s specialized industries, but also to support event programs with a competitive edge, such as industrial inspections of
the region’s specialized industries.

  • Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRA)+ Website

    The Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRA) is the only public institution in Korea specializing in robotics. The institute combines industry, academia, research, and government to develop policies for fostering the intelligent robotics industry and to efficiently and systematically pursue various projects aimed at creating
    a market and expanding the demand for the robotics industry. It also promotes the advancement of the robotics industry by supporting the development, supply, international collaboration and overseas expansion of intelligent robots, and standardizing R&D to international standards.

  • Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute (KIAPI) + Website

    The Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute (KIAPI) is a testing facility established to support parts companies and research institutions developing technology for future cars. As the first proving ground in the world to implement dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) throughout its entire track,
    WAVE technology, a next-generation wireless traffic communication system, is used to enable vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-center communications.
    The institute actively supports the development of technology for next-generation cars and the creation of an advanced intelligent traffic system capable of information support services.

  • Software Convergence Technology Support Center (SWCC)+ Website

    The Software Convergence Technology Support Center (SWCC) aims to improve the quality of and expand the use of software convergence technology, a key resource for our knowledege-based society, by providing SW quality control inspections and certifications and offering support with services needed for strengthening the capabilities of the SW industry. The center fulfills its role as a partner for SW convergence companies by providing support with equipment needed in all stages of developing and releasing SW, consultation and testing, certification, and education for strengthening capabilities.

The Technology and Arts Cluster

The Technology and Arts Cluster tour offers a visit to the creative economic campus at the former sites of Samsung Trading Company, the beginning of Korea’s most iconic brand, and Samsung’s Cheil Industries factory. The program offers a glimpse into what it took for a small trading company in the countryside to become a global brand, and the positive impact it has had.

  • Daegu SAMSUNG Creative Campus

    Originally established in 1954 as a factory for Samsung’s Cheil Industries, it reopened 60 years later as a creative economic campus for innovative start-ups, technology, culture, and design. The Daegu Samsung Creative Campus is composed of four sections; the Creative Economic Zone, the Culture Venture Conversion Zone,
    Samsung Zone, and the Community Zone. It serves to be the nurturing ground for venture start-ups, a space for the local community, and the Samsung Museum.

  • Samsung Trading Company

    Lee Byungchul, the founder of Samsung Group, established the Samsung Trading Company in Ingyo-dong, Daegu in 1938, and laid the initial foundations for the growth into today’s Samsung Group by making “Byeolpyo noodles” and exporting apples from Daegu and dried fish from Pohang to China. The replica of Samsung Trading Company’s former building is made with building materials from the original building and offers insight into Samsung’s history.

  • Sinseo Innovative City

    An innovative city is a future-oriented city designed for great capability for growth, and they promote collaborative work by forming a cluster of public institutions, university research institutes, businesses, and local government offices. Located just 20 minutes from the Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center and Daegu International Airport, Sinseo Innovative City serves to be the cluster of Daegu’s medical industry, and it is currently home to Daegu-Gyeongbuk High-Tech Medical Cluster and fourteen public institutions.

    • Location: Gaksan-dong, Sinseo-dong, Dongnae-dong, Goejeon-dong, Daerim-dong, Sabok-dong, and Sukcheon-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
    • Area: 4,216,000 ㎡
    • Public Institutions:
      Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation/ Korea Advancing Schools Foundation/ Korea Appraisal Board/ Korea Brain Research Institute/ Korea Credit Guarantee Fund/ Korea Education and Research Information Service/ Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology/ Korea Gas Corporation/ Korea Industrial Complex Corporation/ Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine/ Korea Medi Venture Center/ National Education Training Institute/ National Information Society Agency/
      National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation (in alphabetical order)
  • TaeguTec+ Website

    As the only company in the world with an integrated tungsten production system, TaeguTec is the nation’s largest manufacturer of tungsten cutting tools and related industry products, and exports over 60% of country’s tungsten production. As a representative foreign-invested company of the Daegu region, it is considered to be
    an exemplary company with outstanding global marketing and production capabilities. The company has 12 overseas branches and over 80 specialized retail locations throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and factories in India and China.