Hotel de forRe (forRest12)

House filled with anion and phytoncide in the forest.

Feeling the sound of the forest, the wind, the birds and the grass. The environmentally friendly Hotel De Fore Clad with white clay and loess bricks. A healthy resting place that heals the soul overnight.


Accommodation, Hotel de forRe is made of fire tree and yellow soil brick and provides eco-friendly rest.

You can feel the breeze sound, birds singing and wood sound from the forest. It's true place of healing.


-Reservation Inquiry : +82-1688-8511

-For further information : +82-53-424-1400 / 


 Room Facilities

 tv, telephone, refrigerator, water pot, bidet, hair drier, bath amenity, etc


 BBQ Grill is available(except rainy days), 50% discount coupon for customers who reserved rooms .


※Transportation Information


 Departure Site

Estimated Time 


 by Car


About 30 min' 

About  17.23km

Dongdaegu Station

About 24 min'

About 13.60km

 by Bus


About 1hour and 3 min'

(11 min' on feet) 

 Take bus Belt Line 2 in front of "Fashion Center Korea" bus stop  Get off at "Sangyeok Jugong Apts" bus stop → Take bus Rapid Line 2 → Get off at "Spa Valley1" → Walk about 415m

Dongdaegu Station

 About 56 min'

(15 min' on feet)

 Take bus Suseong 4 in front of "Across the Dongdaegu Station" bus stop  Get off at "in front of the Dongseong Elementary School" bus stop → Take bus Rapid Line 2 → Get off at "Spa Valley1" → Walk about 415m

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