Organizational Chart

Daegu Convention Bureau provides a one-stop convention service from the bid application all the way to the hosting of the event.
We are a dedicated convention organization that markets Daegu as a top convention destination to the domestic and international market.

Phone: +82-53-382-5220 / Fax: +82-53-382-5298

Chairman of the Board

Ui-rak Hong,
Vice Mayor of Economic Affairs


Charlie Bae

Director General

Sung-Tae Kim

  • Convention 1 Team

    Director General Sung-tae Kim


    Manager Hyo-Lim Cho


    Manager Min-Jeong Cho


    Manager Yu-Kyung Park


    International conference incubation,
    corporate conferences and AMC-related projects
    MICE statistical surveys,
    consumption growth maximization projects
    project planning and management
  • Convention 2 Team

    Director Hee-Jung Jung


    Manager Dolly Lee


    Manager Woong-Gi Sung


    Assistant Manager Soo-Hyun Lee


    MICE bid winning and hosting support
  • Convention 3 Team

    Director Myung-Hee Kwon


    Manager Kevin Park


    Manager Hyo-Jin Jung


    Assistant Manager Yeo-jin Kim


    MICE bid winning and
    hosting support