Daegu Convention Bureau CEO

It’s a pleasure to speak to you today.

We provide useful information about the convention city Daegu on our Daegu Convention Bureau website and I hope you find it helpful.

Our Bureau is a professional convention marketing agency that markets Daegu as a convention destination to international markets. Our website provides a platform for smooth communication for visitors or for clients seeking a suitable location to host their convention.

The Daegu Convention Bureau provides comprehensive, detailed information about Daegu’s convention facilities and services, and also provides customized information tailored to specific client demands. This site will help develop relationships between Daegu, international conference planning agencies, and visitors to Daegu, and promote mutual cooperation.

Daegu, the city of fashion and conventions, is attracting people from all over the world owing to its harmony of traditional Korean cultural heritages and high-tech industries. Also, Daegu and the surrounding countryside are full of great tourist locations, and in particular, Daegu is the gateway to Gyeongju, Andong, Goryeong and other natural Korean cultural heritage sites. That is why Daegu and the surrounding area is the optimal location for tourism and experiencing Korea’s cultural heritage.

I am extremely proud that residents of Daegu experience these cultural heritages while living in
an eco-friendly city, and I welcome all convention and exhibition participants to visit Daegu and experience for themselves our kindness and warmth.

The Daegu Convention Bureau, with this website, provides useful information about Daegu and I hope you make liberal use of these resources. It is my hope that all of you learn firsthand that
Daegu is a great convention destination. I hope to see you all in Daegu.

Thank you

Address : (41515) 3F, Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry, 17, 14-gil, Distribution Complex-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu

TEL : +82-53-382-5220

FAX : +82-53-382-5298