You will have a busy schedule in Daegu. However, why don’t you have a short getaway from a busy city? Spa Valley locates in Gachang, on outskirt of Daegu, and offers relaxing and comfortable time for you. It has a water park, a jimjilbang, a coffee museum, the Garden of Light, camping site and even forest. Just choose where you want to be

Luxurious pools, breathtaking water-slides, rejuvenating bathes with oriental herbs. Whether seeking thrills or leisure, Daegu offers the quintessential destination. Nestled among the city's scenic southern mountain range lies Spa Valley. Here you can beat the summer heat or relax and soothe the body. With both an outdoor water park and an expansive indoor complex of spas and pools, Spa Valley offers year-round activities for all ages.


Water Park

Spa Valley's outdoor park boasts dozens of attractions, including seven major water slides. Approach terminal velocity with the 10-story drop of the Speed Slide, the tallest in east Asia. Share thrills with a friend in 2-person tubes, plunging into the Super Bowl or launching up the Boomerang. Reach ferocious speeds on the twin twisters of Blue Dragon or White Dragon. Wait times for these rides are modest even during the peak of summer heat, ensuring constant excitement. Or dive right into the action, facing 1.5 meter waves at the Gold Coast, floating lazily down the Amazon, or impressing onlookers at the high dive.


Spas and Saunas

After hours of excitement from the outdoor water park, it is time to head indoors for some needed rest and relaxation. Spa Valley's modern facilities span four floors, open all year. Visit the 3rd floor upon arrival and take advantage of the convenient 'One-Key' system. A single wristband triples as shoe locker key, changing-room locker key and chargeable credit card for any purchases at any on-site vendors, including a multitude of food carts and dining rooms. The 1st floor houses Spa Valley's primary cafeteria, the educational children's play-paradise of "Pucca's World Travel," and the feet-cleansing Dr. Fish. On the 2nd floor, you'll find tons of pools and saunas. Purge the body of toxins in the Jjimjilbangs, traditional Korean steam rooms of various essences, such as salt, loess, bamboo and clay. Let the children play on the slides and jungle gyms of the Kid Pool while enjoying an aqua massage in an herbal jacuzzi. The 4th floor offers additional recreational facilities, including more children's slides and herbal spas, and an outdoor tanning and jacuzzi area that overlooks the dance performances of the water park's main stage. 


ForRest 12

Aside from being the largest and most popular, Spa Valley is also Daegu's longest-living water park, established in 2003 but constantly expanding. Among its recent additions is Jade Pool. Wade in the secluded emerald waters beneath 30-ft waterfalls of this large and luxurious swimming hole, perched on a ridge overlooking the Valley.  It is reachable only after a therapeutic hike up foot-massaging trails and through medicinal-herb tunnels. Also on this mountainside are the new Forest-12 accommodations. Choose between camping and cooking in the great outdoors, or the comfort and privacy of their deluxe lodges.

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  • 27-9 Naengcheon-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea

  • +82-1688-8511


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