We live in a world with a lot of stress. And for Koreans, it is no different. If it is from Korean students studying from 8am to 10pm including holidays or company employees working 14-16 hours a day every day, Koreans are very stressed and always in a hurry. So we all need a place in where we can relieve that stress, and refresh our minds, even if it is just for a short time. 

In Daegu, there is no ocean or beach to go to relax, but there is a place in where we can refresh our minds, relax ourselves and relieve our stress (plus get some exercise, too).  It is called The ARC (디아크).  The ARC, which is means, Architecture of River Culture or Artistry of River Culture, is located along the banks of Geumho River.  

The name comes from a building that defines geometric architecture as it reaches for the sky, the clouds, the earth and beyond.  It is a water theme structure with the exterior itself as a famous work of art.  But the interior is also an amazing work of art.  It is a simple design, but the building has many exhibitions and galleries related to the water theme in their basement, and on the first floor and second floors.  These exhibits and galleries give information about the local rivers as well as there are “photo zones” and numerous poetries.  There is also a circle theater to watch the history of  water in the Daegu area. There are different activities for kids to do. Then on the third floor is an observatory deck to oversee the surrounding natural landscape as well as Geumho River.  You can also see a damn and see where Geumho River meets Nakdong River.  Plus if you are thirsty and want a nice drink, Caffe Pascucci, is located on the third floor.   And the best part, the admission and parking is free and there is enough parking facilities.

The amazing natural landscape that surrounds The ARC is also something to enjoy.  This is where you can really relieve your stress, refresh your mind, and just relax your body. There is plenty of space to ride a bicycle, go for a walk, in line skate, skateboard or do whatever activity you may wish.  Kids can play in the water fountains that surround the free space. There are also tours available. I preferred to ride a bicycle and for 4000won per hour I was able to rent a bicycle from a bicycle rental shop that is across from The ARC.  

Behind The ARC, you can ride your bicycle, go for a walk, or jog along the banks of the Geumho River.  It is very quiet with no traffic, or businesses.  It becomes just you and the sounds of nature.    

If you want to get away from traffic jams, the fast life, and stress (from work, school and everything else), and you want to enjoy the quietness (no hurrying), natural landscape, a free water theme museum, some nice coffee, and a bike ride or jog along the banks of Geumho River, then The ARC might be the best medicine for you.

Operating Hours
Exhibition Hall: 10:00-18:00
Observatory and cafe: 10:00-22:00 (closes at 23:00 during summer)
Closed on Seollal (Chinese Lunar New Year), every Monday. 
* Observatory and cafe are open.
Length of Tour
Approx. 1 hour (Tours including the circle theater take an extra 30 min)

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  • 805 Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

  • +82-+82-53-585-0916


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