Mt. Palgong Modern Temple Bazar Festival



As with any other season in Korea, autumn too is packed with a number of wonderful festivals. With the cooler, more comfortable temperatures and beauty of the autumn leaves around the city, most people chose to spend their weekends outdoors. Luckily for both residents and visitors to Daegu, there are several outdoor festivals to choose from. One of these is the Mt. Palgong Modern Temple Bazar Festival.

The festival is essentially a Monks market, known as Seung-shi (승시, 僧市). It was started in 2010 as a reenactment of a similar market that took place near Donghwasa Temple many years ago where monks made or bartered what they needed. Seung-shi was the place where they did this.
The festival is running from 7-11 October this year around Donghwasa Temple situated at the base of Mt. Palgonsan. The easiest mode of transport would be on the Rapid-Line 1 bus, which takes you directly to the entrance of festival.

There would be a variety of traditional performances and experience programs including making Buddhist prayer beads(Buddhist rosary) and moktak(wooden percussion instrument used for chanting by Buddhist clergy). Also, a singing contest and a Ssireum(씨름, a traditional folk wrestling style and national sport of Korea) match would take place. Besides, you can get a taste of many delicious Korean food & snacks and more specifically, temple foods.
*During October, a chrysanthemum festival will be held in the festival area around the temple.


  • 35 Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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