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Living in another country isn’t easy. You will miss your friends, family and most of all, food. The language barrier will bother you and a new different cultures can be difficult to understand. Nonetheless, some people decide to live abroad, leaving the comforts of their hometown. According to Daegu Census Bureau’s statistics, 23, 990 foreigners live in Daegu. The foreign community is comprised of Chinese (7,103 people), Vietnamese (4481 people), Indonesian (1,818 people), Filipinos (1,517) and Americans (922 people). Most of them came to Daegu to work or study. (*statics from Daegu City Hall, as of 2014. June)

If you are new or a visitor to Daegu, find ‘The Daegu Compass’ at a local restaurant or a bar, tourist information center or an international center of most universities in Daegu. They want to be a “compass” for your life in Daegu by telling you what’s going on, what to do, eat or see and where to have fun in Daegu. It is an English magazine that has published monthly for five years now and distributes about 8,000 copies all over Daegu and even to places like Incheon and Gyeongbuk Province. They upload a online ebook in PDF form on their website ( every month.

Another English magazine is [b]racket, it is an art magazine made by Daegu local foreign artists. They've been publishing monthly for 2 years. They print 1000 copies a month, sending them to Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, and Seoul. They also have an application and all of their issues are in PDF form on their website ( Their goal is to give young artists a place to share their work with others, and to unify the art scene in Korea. Also, they present and support local foreign artist’s exhibition. [b]list is their annual exhibition, and they operate gallery t also, hosting shows 6 times a year.

There are lots of sports club on Facebook. Playing sports is the best way to spend your free time. Not only just spending time, it’s a great way to relieve stress, work out and make new friends. Daegu has so many foreign sports communities, such as flag football, soccer, ice hockey, copoeira, jogging, bowling, roller derby, softball and more. Among them, the biggest sports community is Daegu Softball League, which started back in 2007 and it has 10 teams with 120 players. You can see them playing at various fields around the city every Sunday from April to mid June. ROK-U, Republic of Korea Ultimate, also started from 2009 in Daegu and became a nationwide league of Ultimate Frisbee. Now, it has 24 teams with over 350 players from all over the world and became one of biggest Ultimate Frisbee leagues in Asia.

Started as a small group of expats just wanting to do theatre in 2008, ‘Daegu Theater Troupe (DTT)’ is famous for producing wonderful theatrical performances for the Daegu community. They collaborate with the Daegu YMCA, and received sponsorship from the city of Daegu in 2012. The theatre troupe has expanded greatly over the years and is open to anyone, no experience required. From well known plays, to creative work from within the troupe, it has been entertaining the expat community with a steadfast commitment of churning out at least five or six shows a year.

There are more groups related with more relaxing activities. ‘Daegu Photography Club’ goes for photo walks during the weekend and hold monthly photo events. ‘Daegu’s Time to Give’ and other volunteer groups visit local orphanages for volunteering activities, arrange fund raising events and teach English to children from low-income families. ‘Daegu Writer Group’, a yoga class, a knitting club and more groups meet regularly to build friendship and stay active.

Also, the foreign community in Daegu connects through various Facebook groups and social media platforms. The ‘Daegu Info Guide’ Facebook page is the largest group page to help English speaking expats exchange information and share knowledge about Daegu, Korean culture and other types of helpful information. There are smaller group pages like the ‘Daegu Friendship Community and Events’ that is well moderated and allows Koreans and foreigners a place to communicate and connect for language exchanges, cultural activities and making new friends. If you are looking for something used, check out the ‘Daegu Flea Market’ page to help you to get the things you need.

All these groups are bonded together through shared interests but more importantly, to share their experiences while living in a foreign country. In this compact city, they help each other, mingle together and try to become part of the local community. Daegu is not a famous city to the world. However, so many foreigners have their life here and consider Daegu as their second home. Daegu is slowly building its reputation as an international city and with the support of a great foreign community, it can hopefully be known around the world!

Welcome to Daegu.

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