Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival


Can you guess where the oldest Yangnyeonsi (Korean traditional herbal medicine market) is in Korea? That’s right, it is in Daegu!  Daegu’s Yangnyeonsi is 350 years old.  There are many throughout Korea, but Daegu’s Yangnyeonsi is the oldest.  Sadly, it was closed in 1941 because of Japanese colonial government and again in 1950 due to the Korean War.

However, it was revived on Yakjeon Alley as a shopping street with medicinal herb stores. This street can be found in the heart of downtown Daegu.  Not only are there herbal stores, but also Korean traditional clinics, oriental medicine stores, oriental pill-type medicine shops, jinseng sellers and more. Every May, it turns into a huge dazzling festival.  Although, this year, due to Sewol Ferry incident, it was delayed out of respect to the victims of the tragedy.  

Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival will open their 37th annual event from Oct 1st to Oct. 6th.  Goyuje, a traditional opening ceremony, will open the festival at the east entrance of Yakjeon Alley.  At the ceremony, the organizing committee will offer some herbal tea, from an enormous traditional clay pot to promote community spirit.

Now, the festival moves onto the street towards the south entrance of Yakjeon Alley. You’ll go through a tunnel decorated with different kinds of herbs. Breathe in the fresh fragrance of herbs and hang a note on the tunnel with your wish for the future.  Also, you can see the pictures of Yakjeon Alley from the past. At the end of the tunnel, a special food exhibition will greet you. Find the food which fits to your constitution at the “Healthy Food with Constitution” section.

Then, let’s take a moment to explore here and there to enjoy the festival. You can drop by Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum to enjoy a foot-bath or visit “Sasang Constitution Zone.” A Korean traditional medicine doctor will do health check-up according to Sasang Constitution Theory which feels your pulse and gives you simple treatment such as acupuncture or moxibustion. Also, learn about your constitution and what food is good or bad for you and more.

Don’t miss the chance to take part in Medicinal Herb Auction. Imagine yourself being a herb dealer back in old times. Performances and concerts can’t be missed at a festival as well. “To the Yakjeon Age 2014” will tell you a deeper story of Yakjeon Alley’s history and it will be held every day.

The “Donguibogam Jinseoeui” will perform at the festival on Oct. 3rd. It is the ceremony to present Donguibogam to the king after it was completed, which is the book of principles and practice of Korean traditional medicine, written by the royal physician Heo Jun.

Daegu Yangnyeonsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival will be the event which offers you fun, cultural and useful programs that will help you take care of you and your family!  Don’t miss this chance at experiencing an age old tradition in Daegu!

  • 51-1 Namseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

  • +82-+82-53-253-4729

  • http://www.herbfestival.org/kor/

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