In fall, everything gets its fruit from the thing what they’ve done so far. Daegu has tried to hold big events, and finally, two big international conferences were held in Daegu this month.




The TERMIS-AP (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society Asia-Pacific Annual Conference 2014) were held at EXCO, from September 24th (Wed) to 27th (Sat). It was hosted by KTERMIS and supported by the KTO and Daegu Metropolitan City. The regional conference of TERMIS is held every year and the world congress is held every three years. Seoul held the 2nd world congress in 2009. 800 researchers from 40 countries visited Daegu to attend this conference. And they presented and discussed the latest research on tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and stem cells, under the theme of ‘Transformation for Future Healthcare’. The conference had the scientific program, composed of 2 plenary lectures, 2 special sessions, 4 SYIS oral sessions and 67 concurrent sessions, and poster session with 660 abstracts from 32 countries. After all sessions, there were two awards, the SYIS award for young scientists and the Best Poster Award for outstanding poster presenters. The conference also allocated a budget for researchers from emerging countries to come to the event. It’ll contribute to make a fair development of the world medical industry and harmonize communication under the theme of ‘Engage Our Neighbors’.

Prof. Anthony Atala and Prof. Kam W. Leong were invited as the plenary speakers. And in special session, Prof. David Williams, Prof. Teruo Okano, Prof. Hail Naughton, Prof. Bumsup Lee, Prof. Rui Reis, Prof. Antonios G. Mikos, Prof. John Steeves, and Prof. Shin Yong Moon had their remarkable presentation.

Other than the conference, there was an equipment exhibition related with the research field and Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Global Congress 2014 was held together at the same time. You could learn all about tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and stem cells in one place.




There was another important conference by ASIALICS, which stands for ‘Asian Association of Learning, Innovation, and Co-evolution Studies’. It is an association among scholars, practitioners and policymakers who are interested in a learning, innovative and competent building system in Asia. Their objective is to stimulate the establishment of knowledge-based strategies for economic development in Asia.

DGIST(Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology) held their conference from the 24th to 27th at DGIST. The conference of ASIALICS started in Bangkok in 2004 and Korea previously held the second conference in Jejudo. With the theme of 'Convergence, Innovation and Creative(CIC) Economy', 400 innovation experts from 25 countries visited DGIST. They shared the newest trends of innovation in technology and business management, and discussed the rapid change of future circumstances.

Invited speakers for the conference were ; Jong-Yong Yun (former vice president of Samsung Electronics), Prof. Bengt-Åke Lundvall (the founder of NIS), Prof. Ed Steinmueller (a world-wide authority on technology innovation and economics, and policy in science technology and Prof. Fumio Komada (an expert of R&D management specialist).

This year, ‘ASIALICS 2014’ had an industry-university-institute collaborative session to search about effective management system for industrial field and technological innovation in the public sector. Also of note, scientific technology and innovation researchers from KMU, DTP, STEPI and KISTEP had a presentation about each institute's process of innovation policy setting.


Both conferences discussed different topics but there was one common core idea between them. It’s ‘convergence’. TERMIS-AP talked about the newest medical industry emerging different medical topics with a variety of scientific technology. And experts from different fields gathered at ASIALICS and exchanged their opinions about current and future issue in Asia. All these came together, it made new and fresh solution to make the next level of our bright future. 

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