2014 Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong


Period: 2014. 8. 23 ? 9. 21

Venue: The ARC

Organization : Dalseong Cultural Foundation


Water and light are important elements for us to live. They are the powerful source of a life that continues the process of its formation and change. An art exhibition, ‘Water and Light from Gangjeong’ is organized to make people share their art and life with the aid of the power of nature in Gangjeong.


Gangjeong is a place where artists from all over the regions of Korea gathered and had art festivals from 1977 to 1979. Especially, a lot of artists from Japan joined in the art festival held in 1979 and shared their art with Korean artists whose works were very experimental and sensational at that time. It was an international art event that presented futuristic potential in Korean art. Historically, Gangjeong is a meaningful place where artists showed their own responses to the current of the times in the artworks.


‘2014 Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong' is to make people remember the historical meaning of the art festival held in Gangjeong in the 1970’s and realize the need to make art stronger and more creative through the futuristic vision. In this aspect, Gangjeong can be an aesthetic field where the role of art is extended and connected to our lives by provoking and sharing thoughts of art in the past , present and the future. 

I’d like to say that ‘2014 Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong’ is an event in which arts of the past and those of the future can breathe together in the present with the light of historical values of Gangjeong and the elements of nature in it. Below are important features of 2014 Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong where art in life will literally be possible.

History(Historicity) : Sharing experiments done by artists of the 1970s

Place(Site specificity) : Sharing arts made in a special place, Gangjeong

Publicity : Sharing public arts made outdoor

Art in community : Sharing art that connects artists to the residents of Gangjeong


‘Water and light from Gangjeong’ is organized for people to have a time to share these artistic features of historicity, site specificity, and publicity in an art community with one another. I am sure that Gangjeong, full of water and light, will be a great aesthetic field where arts of the past, present and the future are communicated so well that the future of the city and nature can be bright.



2014 Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong

Water and light from Gangjeong



[Section1] History(Historicity) : Trying to do new experiments and understand the historical background of art in the 1970s

1. Experiments in extending the role of art ? Trying to build a new history based on the perception about historical background of the site, Gangjeong, where artists’ experimental creativity to go beyond the usual role of art was in full bloom.

2. Event : Trying to get a new vision from keeping and developing those artists’ experimental attitudes with which lots of artistic events were possible in the white sandy beach in the 1970

3. Documenting the process of the events in Gangjeong in the 1970s : Understanding the historical background of the events is to perceive the process of them in a futuristic view, so that documenting the reserved time of the present by having interviews with the participating artists about the process of their creating art, not about the result itself which makes it possible to perceive the history of Gangjeong in the continuity of time.

*Trying to find out how the artistic experiments in the 1970 change in the 21st century in the differences between creating art and appreciating art.


[Section2] Place(Site specificity) : Trying to find the meaning of the place, Gangjeong where art and life are made from the past to the present

1. Trying to find the meaning of art and life in the solid cultural assets around the Gangjeong reservoir

2. Having interviews with the participating artists : A participating artist should have his or her own way of interpreting the place and relating it to his or her work of art.

*Trying to find the meaning of creating experimental art in the present

**Searching data and having interviews with artists ? Photographing, filming, and exhibiting after editing photos and films


[Section3] Publicity ? Trying to perceive how the artist’s creative view should be shared with the viewers in public, especially having an outdoor exhibition.

1. Performance

2. Installing sculptures and other art pieces

*Trying to find the meaning of the publicity when a specific site is chosen to exhibit artworks


[Section4] Art as public participation in the community of Gangjeong ? Getting residents of Gangjeong to participate in art and share their feelings with each other

1.Voluntary participation in the community : Making a program that improves relationship between Gangjeong and other regions and attracts the residents’ attention to participating in art with the participating artists to extend further the role of art in life(making a strong sense of community among residents, artists, and government agencies)

2. Special events : Dance competitions, showing movies outdoor, discussion about living as an artist

3. Four types of concert (once a week) : Jihyae Kim’s modern music performance

4. Art taxi, eight times of happenings (twice a week) : Artist Wonseok Hong and his father (having a tour in Gangjeong, starting from art terminal)

* Trying to experiment with various forms of art continuously to extend the role of art so that sharing them with more people in a lot of cities, regions, and countries will be possible


Curated by Okreal Kim(Organizing exhibitions)



  • 805 Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea

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