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Daegu nightlife can be a scene of clubs downtown, party goers trying the new restaurants and dance halls, but it can also be a place to experience the quieter, more romantic aspect of the city. Aesthetics is taken into consideration when preparing the lights and glamour of the hot spots around the city. Check out the following three sites during the day, but stay until the sun sets, as you will be dazzled by the warm atmosphere the power of a few glittering lights can bring.



Suseong Lake is a beautiful spot to enjoy the night scenery in Daegu. The man-made lake was newly renovated this past year. The project expanded the walking area to include a wooden boardwalk, surrounded by lights that give it a warm look as it overlooks the still water and the quaint small island on the northeast side of the lake. At sunset, the middle of the lake rises with light and water as a lightshow occurs until about 9pm. Music can be heard, and the water and colors sync, creating a beautiful show that dazzles and entrances those who stop for a moment to watch it.


In need of a little bit of nostalgic fun?  Head down to the south end of the lake to the whimsical Suseong Land. Though not offering the thrills of larger amusement parks, it still makes for a fun family outing. Highlights include the petting zoo, an ice skating rink, and bumper cars. During the warm months, the lake has many visitors. Locals can be seen jogging around the lake.  Those less inclined to enjoy the hot weather can retreat to the many businesses outlining the lake. Coffee is the order of the day, and one has many types to choose from. From the internationally known Starbucks, to the famous Daegu local coffee icon DaVinci’s Coffee, you can find something to your liking. Inviting restaurants line the street, from American-style steak restaurants, to Spanish paella, the area offers a variety of food including Korean BBQ.


 * Directions

Suseong Lake:

Only a bus will take you directly to the lake. Be on the lookout, the new monorail is to premier a stop there soon! But for now, take the Green Line and get off at Beomeo station. Take exit 3 and bus 814 or Suseong 1-1

By Taxi

Copy this and show to your driver: 수성못 Or if you’re feeling adventurous say: “sue sung mot” (Suseong Lake in Korean)



83 Tower is the defining structure on the Daegu skyline. Beautifully lit nightly, it is the epicenter of our city. For a romantic evening with that special someone, 83 Tower is a perfect place to spend a date night. It offers an incredible view of the city. It has a sky lounge cocktail bar and a restaurant that revolves around the tower's base, giving diners a panoramic view of the entire city. Other restaurants include a cafeteria, Korean restaurant, and Western-style barbecue. The light festival called 'Milky Way Road' is now ongoing at the street corners surrounding the tower.


 * Directions

83 Tower is a 5 min walk from Duryu Station (Daegu Subway Line 2) exit 15. To get to 83 Tower; you can go through the park if you are planning on seeing E world first. However, if you want to go directly to the tower I would recommend taking a taxi from the subway station which will drive you up and around Eworld dropping you right in front of the entrance to the tower. The walk up to the tower is about 10-15 min but not recommended if you have high heels and fancy clothes.



Apsan is simply breathtaking. Daegu is lucky to be surrounded by beautiful mountains, and specifically one that is easily accessible by cable car that will offer you a beautiful night scene of the whole city. Daegu’s mountains are a comfort amidst the concrete jungle of the city. At any high point, you can see them adorning the background, and suddenly you forget you live in a city of about 2 million people. One of the most famous mountains here is Apsan, located in the southern end of Daegu.  Literally "mountain before the city," Apsan towers at 600 meters.  Apsan Park is located in the valley where the three mountains converge. At the base, Apsan Park is one of the largest urban-eco parks in Daegu. A cable car runs 790m up Apsan.


For a beautiful day and night view, visit the peak using the cable car. From 9am to sunset it runs every fifteen minutes, and costs 8,000krw for adults and 6,000krw for children, round trip. At the top, there is a short climb to an observation deck. From there, Daegu sprawls before you, beautiful especially at sunset. Bring a camera, as you won’t want to forget this spectacular moment.

Aside from the breath taking view that shows you all of Daegu, the upper cable-car building houses a restaurant that serves traditional Korean hiking meals. It serves makgeolli, pajan and kimchi dubu, a satisfying meal after a hike. If you do arrive at sunset, make sure to stay safe and bring a flashlight, as the usually-easy and short hike can become difficult in the dark.  


 * Directions

The greater Apsan area is massive, with several separate parks and entrances.  The best point of arrival is the main entrance area, known simply as Apsan Park, which has plenty of signs and maps, as well as a tourist information center.  By cab or GPS, say or enter Ap-san Gong-won (앞산공원).  From downtown it should take around 20 minutes and cost around 7,000krw.  By bus, ride the 300, 410, 410-1, 750 or Rapid 4 directly to Apsan Park.  By subway, ride the red line to Anjirang Station (안지랑역), go out exit #3, then make a right towards the towering peaks of Apsan. 

  • Apsan Park, Daemyeong-dong, Daegu

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