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The vibrancy of any downtown area comes alive particularly in the evening. Couples stroll around the center, groups of school girls rush around trying to scope out the latest trends, and friends are laughing and walking around the variety of shops. Whether your are here for business or pleasure, the downtown area of Daegu is a place to explore for its colors, vibrancy and style.




For those looking to find fancy gifts and imported foods and clothing, the best stop is a tour through Hyundai Department Store and DongA Department Store. Conveniently located right next to each other, both stores hold an array of high end products. Hyundai is newer, opening just within the past two years. It conveniently has its own theater, a place to stop by after your shopping needs are met. 





Right at the heart of downtown, you will find an array of Korean-brand cosmetic shops. From the nature-friendly cosmetics of Innisfree, to the trendy cosmetics of Etude, there is always something for everyone. This place is not just for women, there are beauty products, skin care products, and hair products for men as well. Riding the hallyu wave, products such as BB cream have gained popularity, and it is something worth checking out.  BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream is currently among Asia's hottest beauty products, made popular in part by famous South Korean actresses, whom started using it for beauty purposes, and made it quite popular overseas. There are always sales happening because these shops are right next door to each other, and so there is always a healthy dose of competition. This works in your favor and you can shop around for good deals.




If you are on the lookout for what is comfortable, and reminds you of home, then the brand shop are of downtown is the place for you. You have the well known names of Uniqlo, Zara, and Nike to name a few. For those who may not fit the standard Korean size clothing, this may be the area for you. Visit Spao on that same street, a Korean clothing brand shop filled with graphic tees, from casual wear to men's suits, women's suits, children's clothing, underwear, sportswear, and accessories.



This area is a good place to shop, simply because of the unique variety of clothing and accessories the stores have. You can find some great low prices if you look in the right stores. Prices do range, but it is a fun place to explore and compare. Daegu is rumored to have the most fashionable people in Korea. Walking through these stores you can see the how true this.




Korea is shoes galore! Not just for women, this area in downtown offers an array of unique styles and designs for both genders. Both men and women will see how they cannot believe how many styles of shoes are available here in Korea. The only thing to remember is shoe size. There are limited numbers of shoes for those one the spectrum. Comparing to Western size,  Korean size is considered a bit small. Regardless, it is still a sight to see. Head on over and take a peek.




Jewelry in Korea is just simply unique. There are styles for all kinds of people, as well as pieces that will have you trying something you would have never thought of before. From pearls, to neon to just the simply elegant, a person can get lost in a sea of styles and colors. For those wanting to travel light, jewelry is the easiest choice, as well as reasonable pricing for such quality and style. A favorite shop is called Handmade (그림), a short walk from the center. It is always packed, a test of patience that seems small once you get a look at what they have. The clerks are wonderfully friendly, and hospitable, telling out a welcome every time a new customer walks in. From earrings, to hair bands for both women and girls, there is something in there for everyone.




The clothing style for men is also pretty impressive to see. Mannequins adorn the streets and you can find a wide range of styles, along with a wide range of prices and quality. The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed, with various items set outdoor for those passing by to peruse through.



If you are on the lookout for running shoes, or the next crocs craze then sneaker street is the place to be. It is located off the heart of downtown, a wide pedestrian street with decorative running lanes to commemorate the various athletic events Daegu has held over the years. There are a wide selection of foreign name brands and Korean brands peppering the street, and the sales clerks are more than happy to help you with finding what you need.

  • 17-15 Samdeokdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

  • +82-053-000-0000

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