Yangnyeongsi Saramdeul


Dating back to 1658 AD, Daegu's Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Street was a central market for the region, located within the city walls of Daegu's former castle grounds. Still very much in use today, the street possesses over 350 businesses related in some way to ancient herbal medicine and related health products and services, including some nostalgic herbal tea houses and restaurants offering healthy herb-influenced cuisine. Every May, the street operates a popular Herbal Medicine Festival that helps promote the past history of the area, as well as re-introduce traditional medicine and treatments to new generations.

Hwangjindan / Gyeongokgo
Hwangjindan is a pill-type health supplement made of red ginseng, and gyeongokgo is the essence of ginseng and other oriental medicinal herbs. Both of them help you stay energetic and strengthen your immune system. Compared to other products, they don't have the strong smell of medicinal herbs, making them easier to take. Find them at Yangnyeongsi Saramdeul.

Ginseng & Red Ginseng
Daegu had one of the biggest Yangnyeonsi, a market for medicinal herbs trade. It became Yakjeon Alley with oriental medicine clinics, medicinal herb stores and ginseng & red ginseng shops. You can get quality ginseng, red ginseng and ginseng products for a cheaper price. There are lots of different types of ginseng products so you can choose the one which fits you.

Traditional Tea
Green tea has been cultivated and tea culture has spread in Korea since the third century. You can find tea-things shops in Yakjeon Alley and buy Korean traditional teas at those shops. Korean Traditional Tea boasts a large selection with Insamcha, Wooeongcha, Gukhwacha, and more in addition to green tea. You will get quality teas in Yakjeon Alley and are allowed to taste at some stores.

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  • 15 Namseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu

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