Daedongsa (Seomun Market District 4)


?We usually buy some souvenirs when we travel to remind us of those priceless later. Daedongsa will be the perfect place to get a small gift for your friends and family. You can get different kinds of traditional Korean souvenirs, from key holders to chopsticks, dolls in traditional Korean costume, and business card cases. Popular items are plates and dolls.

DaeDongSa has a smaller space than the Tourist Information Center, but its shelves are stocked with a colorful array of gift ideas. Here you will find Korean wooden wedding ducks. These ducks, when placed in a couple’s home, symbolize harmony when facing each other or arguing when one is turned away from the other. DaeDongSa has many trinket gifts, perfect for stocking stuffers or simply more casual gift-giving. There is an entire section devoted to handbags from TongYeong, also known as the Venice of Korea, a southern city popular for Korean tourists.

※ If you show us your DAEGU Card, we will give you a free gift.

* Opening Hours


  Closed : The first and third Sundays

  • Block 4 1F 907, Seomun Market, 115-377 Daesin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

  • +82-+82-53-257-5151

  • www.daedongsa.com

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