The NC Outlet Mall was a surprising find in north Daegu. Anyone who is familiar with the shopping options downtown will think of Daegu Department Store or Lotte Young Plaza, which thrive with congested shops and often shoulder-to-shoulder shopping experiences. The NC Outlet Mall is a nice divergence from that atmosphere. It is, essentially, not too unlike any other department store in Daegu, but seems to be less crowded, have the same name brands, and be an overall better shopping experience.

  There are three floors to this mall. The first floor covers cosmetics and women's apparel. Name brands are everywhere, even the high end brands like Coach, Gucci, Burberry, and Fendi are conveniently located behind a strip called the Luxury Gallery. The first floor also has an Event Hall. Event Halls are open areas that represent the mall's shops specially discounted goods. So, rather than stop at each store to find bargain deals, the Event Hall is a one-stop shop to see all the marked-down merchandise the various shops have to offer. This is a great way to rummage through clothing when shopping on a budget.

  The second floor is home to mostly casual and sports wear for both men and women. Well-known brands like Levis, FUBU, and Diesel have shirts, caps, pants, and belts for casual wear. There are a few shoe shops too for footwear.

  What might be most impressive about the NC Outlet Mall is the third floor. Largely devoted to infant/toddler/children's wear, this floor has a wonderful selection for children. If you are looking for gifts for a friend or co-worker's newborn, look no further than the third floor of the NC Outlet Mall. Not only does this floor have well over a dozen shops aimed at youngsters, but even has a playground in the middle! Parents can take a break with their children and play in the playland. Such a fun and family-friendly environment!

  The third floor also offers a side for men's formal wear. These are the suits, shoes, and ties to complete any professional working man's wardrobe. All shops offer suits that can be custom tailored or adjusted accordingly. The wide variety makes for comfortable shopping even if in a rush to find a tie or cuff links. Some formal wear in Korea can be rather expensive, but the NC Outlet Mall has some of the most reasonable prices seen.

  The third floor also has an Event Hall, which is even larger than the first floor's. And not only is there a regular Event Hall, but a specially-designated Kid's Event Hall to boot. That means you can shop for the latest fashion for your kids at a fraction of the price if would cost you at any of the downtown department stores!

  If you would like to get a present for your children, why not get them some clothes? Daegu has been famous for its textile industry for decades. So naturally Daegu has become a city with quality clothes for reasonable prices. NC Outlet is a shopping mall with clothing shops, and you can find cute children’s clothes at about 40 kids’ clothing stores. Find the best item here!

  Most shops are tax-free, so visit the Customer Care Center (상담실) on the second floor with your receipts and passport if you spend more than 30,000 won.

  The NC Outlet Mall is a beautiful building with several easily-accessible entrances and exits. It is a modern, clean, and classy place to spend an afternoon be it looking for some casual Saturday hiking gear, Sunday morning church clothes, or back-to-school discounts for your kids. Check out the NC Outlet Mall the next time you're near EXCO.

※ If you show us your DAEGU Card, we will give you 5% discount (except private stores)

* Opening Hours

  [Weekdays] 10:30~21:00

  [Weekends] 10:30~21:30

  Closed : Seolnal, Chuseok

  • 1668 Sangyeok 2(i)-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea

  • +82-053-662-9000


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