Using ingredients fresh-picked from nature along with natural spices, Gaejeong goes to great lengths to provide a flavorful and beautiful new take on traditional Korean food. You will find over 50 kinds of the Korean food you’ve dreamed of: naengmyeon, doenjangjigae, sundubujigae, bibimbap, and more! Complete with a complimentary collection of tantalizing side dishes, raw beef bibimbap and noodle dishes are also available to whet your appetite. Come and taste real Korean food while listening to Korean fusion music!

※ If you show us your DAEGU Card, we will give you 10% discount.

* Opening Hours


  Closed : Seolnal and Chuseok


  • 21-25, Samdeok-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu

  • +82-053-424-7051

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