Daegu Art Museum


The Daegu Art Museum is a center of culture and creativity. Since its opening in May 2011, the modern, sprawling complex has presented a top-notch rotation of exhibitions from cutting edge artists both local and international. It provided a wonderful place to see and experience the contemporary fine art for residents of the city and tourists. The museum has the superior management of artworks and decent exhibition halls. It has presented exhibitions promoting historical, contemporary  and historical value of Daegu’s art scene. It has also hosted special exhibitions such as the Kusama Yayoi’s solo exhibition. It’s also famous for unique receptions and the hosted Korean Night during World Energy Congress in 2013.


The museum is located in the greenbelt zone away from big buildings and bright lights that characterize Daegu and its location has added some modern look to that city. Furthermore, it serves a role as an art education institution which is a frequent trip destination for local kindergartens and elementary schools. The museum offers free programs and classes for both children and adults. It even has a library featuring an impressive selection of art magazines and books which are widely available for visitors.


The gallery is a work of art itself. Upon entering the main hall you can see the balconies hanging one under each other. Each exhibition is made up of a series of spacious rooms, all with a distinctive ambience of their own. Wandering from one place to the next one, a visitor may feel like they are entering a new scene in a movie. The galleries are expertly assembled together and seamlessly connected by the themes of their particular exhibitions. Each painting, photograph, sculpture or video is like a chapter from a book which plays an important role.


Though quality art transcends language, it is important to note that this museum is by all means friendly to foreigners. The website of the museum i.e. www.daeguartmuseum.org has a large variety of available English content. It consists of information regarding current exhibitions, artists and previews of upcoming projects.


To get to the Daegu Art Museum, take the subway to the Daegu Grand Park (Daegongwon) station on the green line (line 2) and get out at exit 5. From there you have the option to either take the free shuttle bus or just have a walk. The shuttle bus leaves every half an hour from 9AM~6PM. During especially nice weather, don’t hesitate and take a walk. The museum is located above the greenbelt zone and nearby you can find several attractions like the brand new World Cup Stadium or the beautiful park which surrounds it. It will definitely be a pleasant stroll uncovering the east part of Daegu. Whenever you get hungry you can find a cafe on the first floor of the building and several close-at-hand restaurants.


Despite the Siji neighborhood being located just one subway stop away (Sinmae Station) it has a huge assortment of great restaurants to choose from. If you are in that part of the city it’s worth it to check it out.


※ If you show us your DAEGU Card, we will offer you group fee for special exhibitions.

   (no discount for ordinary exhibitions)


* Opening Hours

  [Apr. ~ Oct.] 10:00~19:00

  [Nov. ~ Mar.] 10:00~18:00

  Closed : Mondays (If there is a holiday on Monday, the museum will be closed the next day)

  • 40, Art Museum-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

  • +82-053-790-3000

  • www.daeguartmuseum.org

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