DIOF - Daegu International Opera Festival


The theme of is ‘OPERA&HUMAN. The opening performance is Berdi’ , which Daegu Opera House ambitiously produced. Then, Puccini’s , in collaboration between Daegu Opera House and Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra, Berdi’s huge opera , and , newly created by complementing the creative opera performed first in 2009, with wide repertoire covering classic and creative music. 2 pieces of ‘Opera Concertante’, composed of 4 main operas and major arias per work, are performed, and on weekdays, the above works will be made as a series and subsequently introduced in several theaters, one piece a week. Besides, the festival begins with a huge outdoor free concert, and the end of festival, a balanced stage was prepared with ‘Pavarotti’s death 10th year concert along with Angella Georg’, lead by Go Seonghyun, Korean best baritone. Also, there are popular subsidiary events such as ‘Backstage tour’, where the breath of the stage can be enjoyed up close, ‘National amateur vocal music contest’, etc. will be continued for the audience and the citizens, and various performances and subsidiary events utilizing outdoor space are prepared for Samsung Creative Campus and Daegu Opera House PR Hall.


Period2019. 9. 13(FRI) ~ 10. 20(SUN)
  • 15, HoAM-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu Opera House

  • +82-053-666-6000

  • http://www.daeguoperahouse.org

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