DIHF - Daegu International Horror Festival


To develop Daegu which is also referred to as ‘Daefrica’ for extremely hot weather into an international touristic & cultural product as ‘Daegu the hottest city’ and to develop novel and creative performance & art genres and to make it into Daegu’s own global theme festival differentiated from any other local festivals as a cultural business. The festival consists of invited performances from Korea and overseas, horror plays and performances by Daegu troupes, Zombie Run, Horror IT Experience Center, horror performances, and various other performances as well as experience events.


◎ Main contents : Horror play, invited domestic performance, invited overseas horror performance, horror street performance, 

                         One-night-two-day Horror Camp, horror performance, Experience family festival(Ghost House, Zombie Run, 

                         Horror IT Experience Center, One-night-two-day Horror Camp, etc.)


Period2019.08.09 ~ 2019.08.11
  • Daegu, Korea Metropolitan Plaza

  • +82-053-628-7463

  • https://blog.naver.com/d-horror

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