Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Festival


◎ Running contests that allow people to experience the tradtions and uniqueness of Yangnyeong City and drawubg familiarity and curiosity from the youth. 

- Diagnosing Sasang constitution and running programs for each constitution

- Traditional Handcrafts (Chopping medicinal herbs contest) event that contestants and audience can enjoy together

- Distribution of currency for the festival to communicate with Old Tomorrow (Yeopjeon-藥令通寶)

◎ Sojourn tourism festival that is connected with tourism resources around the city and attracts young people

- Expansion of the festive place to Dongsung-ro and Gundae Alley

- Arrangement of performances linked with Gundae Alley Tour and Walkathon Under The Moonlight

◎ Festival for all generations, having families and young people united

- Guerrilla advertisement and busking in Dongsung-ro, the street of youth

- Novel experience, performance, and exhibition programs that can encourage young people's and families' participation

◎ Creation of contents that can be joined and enjoyed by both visitors and sellers, inheriting the tradition 

    and status as 『Promising Culture & Tour Festival』 appointed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


◎ Pre-ceremony Event : Goyoojae(To Pray for Development of Yangnyeong Market & Health for Citizens)

 Main event : Around 60 programs in 4 areas, including Sasang Constitution Center, Free Oriental Medical Treatment, 

                     Traditional Handcrafts (Chopping medicinal herbs) Contest, Aalenical Pharmacy Experience, 

                     and Yacnyeong Youth Tour


Period2019. 5. 2(THU) ~ 5. 6(MON) / 5days
  • Yangnyeong Market District(Yak-Jun Street), Jung-gu, Daegu

  • +82-053-253-4729

  • http://www.herbfestival.org/kor/

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