Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Objectives

'Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau’ (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") values the personal information of its website users and complies with the “Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Utilization and Information Protection”.
When you visit our website, we will not collect your personal information unless you choose, yourself, to provide this information to us. Your personal information will be available only for our employees who need to know that information. Your information will not be available for public viewing without your permission. Your personal information will not exchanged, sold, or transferred to any other party without your prior consent.
In the event that our Privacy Policy is amended, you will be notified via our website (or via individual notification).

Article 2. Efficacy and Alteration of Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions apply to each customer using the Company’s service.
The content of the Terms and Conditions takes effect after making a post or a Member agrees to them after making an official announcement about the Terms and Conditions.

The Company is able to amend the Terms and Conditions when it deems necessary. In the event of amendment, it shall be announced immediately as mentioned in Section 2. However, it will be made public at least seven days in advance of the time the revision goes into effect for users if the content is related to the right and obligation of users.
A user is able to stop using service and cancel a contract when he/she doesn’t agree with the new Terms and Conditions.

Article 3. Regulations

Cases which are not in the Terms and Conditions will follow The Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Act and guidelines of using services provided by the Company.

Article 4. The Definition of Terminology

The definitions of terminology on the Terms and Conditions are as below.

1) Member: It is a customer who has accessed the Company’s website, agreed to the Terms and Conditions and has been issued an ID (Member’s own number) and password. His/Her qualification and authority are separately managed.
2) ID (Member’s own number): A combination of letters and numbers chosen by a Member and approved of by the Company, to identify a Member and allow use of service. Only one ID is issued and used per e-mail address.
Password (secret code): A combination of letters and numbers set up by a Member to protect his/her own information.
Operator: A person chosen by the Company for general service management and maintaining smooth operation.
Service Suspension: Stop offering service for a certain period according to the Company’s particular prerequisites.

The definition of terminology on the Terms and Conditions exclusive of Section 1 will be determined in accordance of relevant Act and subordinate statute and service guidelines.

Chapter 2. Contract for Service Utilization

Article 5. Establishment of Service Utilization Contract

It is understood that a Member agrees with the Terms and Conditions when he/she clicks the “Agree” button after the "Do you agree with the Terms and Conditions?” prompt on application form.

The contract is established when the Company approves a Member’s application for use.

Article 6. Application for Utilization

Application for utilization will be completed by a customer filling out the application form with the content below on the service user registration page.

1) Name
2) ID (Member’s own number)
3) Password
4) E-mail Address
5) Data needed by Company

Article 7. Approval of Service Use Application

The Company approves service use request of a customer who filled out a form with the information requested under Article 6.

Article 8. Restriction of Approval for Service Utilization

The Company may elect to not approve the service utilization application in the following circumstances:

1) The service is not available technically.
2) A customer did not register with his/her own name or used another person’s name illegally.
3) A customer omitted or miswrote information.
4) A customer violates public order or public morals or registered to do so.
5) A Member disqualified in accordance to Section 2 of Article 24 shall not be accepted. However, it is accepted if a member is readmitted by the Company more than a year after disqualification.
6) Other cases in which all conditions decided by the Company are not fulfilled.

According to specific qualifications of a Member, service use may be limited or changed.

Article 9. Alteration of Contract Details

A Member should amend his/her information by the means appointed by the Company in accordance with the form and means when changing information.

Chapter 3. Service Utilization

Article 10. Commencement of Service

The Company commences its service from the moment of approval of a Member’s application request. However, some services can be commenced from an appointed date.
The Company should notify via its website or directly to Members in the case that it is not available to commence its service due to a business or technical error.

Article 11. Business Hours of Service

It is the Company’s principle to always have its service open to customers. However, it may suspend its service temporarily due to business, technical issues, or operations during a period that it determines. In such a case, it will notifiy it in advance or afterward.
The Company is able to divide its services into different ranges and to appoint available service time for each range. In this case, the Company shall notify its Members.

Article 12. Changes and Cessation of Service

The Company may change its services after notification of amended services and the date of its commencement in accordance with Section 2 of Article 21.

The Company is able to restrict or suspend part or all of its services in the event of the following:

1) Uncontrollable causes occur, such as maintenance for service facilities.
2) A member disturbs the Company’s business.
3) Normal service supply is hindered in the case of blackouts, facility errors, or excessive website use.
4) The Company is not available to maintain its service due to circumstances such as the termination of contract with service supplier.
5) Other reasons of force majeure such as natural disasters, state of national emergencies, etc.
In the event of suspension of service in accordance with Section 2, the Company shall notify its users in accordance with Section 2 of Article 21. However, if the Company stops its service due to an uncontrollable reason (intentional negligence of an operator, errorless disk failure or downed system) it may not be able to notify users in advance.
The Company does not assume the responsibility for any issue due to change and cessation of its service.

Article 13. Responsibility and Duty of E-mail for Members

The Company is able to offer e-mail service via its website. It shall not edit nor observe a Member’s e-mail content. Members take responsibility for their e-mails.

A Member shall not send pornography, seditious content, junk mail, spam mail or chain letters through the Company’s account. It is also not allowed to send e-mails containing multi-level marketing, giving offense to public moral and public order, or contain harmful information
A Member shall be held responsible for any violation in Section 2 of Article 13. In this case, the Company may submit the Member’s ID and password to an investigation institute.

Article 14. Information Supply and Promotion Posting

The Company is able to provide information for publishing it on the Company’s website or sending an e-mail or other correspondence, as a means of service management.

The Company is able to publish advertisements on its website, service screen, SMS or by e-mail, as a means of service management.

It is up to the Members if they shall choose to do business with any advertisers or communicate with any advertisers represented through the Company’s service in either joint promotional activities or sole advertiser services. In the event of an issue between a Member and an advertiser, both parties need to resolve it and the Company does not take any responsibility.

Chapter 4. Duty of Contractors

Article 15. Duty of the Company

1) The Company will not reveal nor distribute Members’ personal information, which it has obtained through use of service, to any third party without permission. However, it will be provided in the event of request in accordance with a lawful process such as a request from authorities for the purpose of investigation under applicable laws, or from the Korean Internet Safety Commission.
2) Within the range of Section 1, the Company is able to make and utilize statistics of all/part of Members’ personal information without their consent, for the purpose of their work. To do its work, it may send cookies to Members’ computers. A member can refuse cookies and change internet browser’s settings to warn of using cookies; however, it is the Member’s responsibility that service utilization is changed by doing so.
3) The Company should promptly treat a Member’s complaint related to its service, and if it is not available, he/she shall be notified of the reason and process schedule via their page or e-mail.
4) In the event of damages occurred to a Member due to the Company’s service, the Company will assume responsibility when the damage has occurred due to the Company’s fault or gross negligence. The range of responsibility is limited to general damage.
5) The Company observes the acts related to operate and maintain its service: the Law Regarding the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information, Protection of Communications Secrets Act and Telecommunications Business Act.

Article 16. Obligation of Members

6) A Member should not partake in any action as stated below when he/she uses the Company’s service.
7) Reporting false information during registration or while changing personal information, or stealing the ID and password of other Members and using them illegally
8) Copying, distributing or using information through the Company’s service commercially without its permission
9) Dishonoring or penalizing others
10) Posting pornography on the Company’s website or linking to pornographic websites
11) Violating rights such as the copyright of the Company or any third person
12) Disseminating information, words, figures and sounds violating public order and public morals to others
13) Disseminating computer virus data which enables the malfunction of facilities for the Company’s service, destroying information or causing chaos
14) Interrupting service operation, or transmitting information to damage stable service operation and advertising information against receiver’s explicit refusal of it
15) Feigning others and creating false relationship with others
16) Collecting, saving, and publishing the personal information of other Members
17) Spreading false information to gain profit for oneself or others, or to damage others
18) Gambling or betting with property
19) Soliciting a customer for prostitution or distributing unchaste information
20) Interrupting another person’s life by using words, sounds, images or videos which incur humiliation, repugnance, or fear in the other person
21) Changing information of service
22) Transmitting or uploading banned information (including a computer programs) in accordance with applicable laws
23) Uploading posts or sending mail impersonating a Company’s worker or a Company’s op operator or using other‘s name illegally
24) Sending data via email or uploading data, which includes software viruses, computer codes, files, programs to destroy computer software, hardware or telecommunication equipment
25) Stalking or harassing other Members
26) Other illegal or unfair actions

Members shall follow all applicable laws, the Terms and Conditions, the guidelines for service utilization, notification announcements from the Company, and should not interrupt the Company’s business.

Members are not able to do business selling products using the Company’s service except in cases approved by the Company. Members are not allowed to conduct hacking, making profits through advertisements, conduct business through pornographic websites, or illegally distribute commercial software. In the event they violate it, the Company is not responsible for result and loss of their business, legal action by authorities such as detention and they shall be responsible for compensation obligation for the Company.

Members shall provide ‘accurate information corresponding with current facts’ (hereinafter referred to as the “Registration Information”), for registration to utilize the Company’s service.

Members shall immediately update their Registration Information when it has changed. The Company is able to restrict or suspend its service in accordance with Article 24 in the event that Registration Information or updated Registration Information which are provided by a Member is inaccurate, or that a Member takes action as mentioned in Section 1 of Article 16.

Article 17. Obligations and Responsibilities for IDs and Passwords of Members

A Member should manage his/her ID and password responsibly.

A Member shall be held responsible in the case of neglect or wrongful use of ID and/or password, and the Company shall be responsible for internal problems which may arise, such as system errors.

A Member should not allow any other person to use his/her ID and password, and needs to report to the Company as soon as he/she recognize that his/her ID and password have been compromised or used by a third person and follow the Company’s guidelines.

ID of a Member cannot be changed without advance consent of the Company.

Article 18. Notifications

Notifications can be disseminated by the Company via an e-mail address given by the Company, an e-mail address registered by a Member, or SMS.

In the event of notification for unspecified individual members, the Company can replace individual announcements by publishing an announcement on a service board.

Article 19. Protection of Personal Information

The Company shall make an effort to protect personal information in compliance to applicable laws. It will be performed in accordance with applicable law and the “Privacy Policy” of the Company.

Article 20. Entrustment of Personal information

The Company needs to carry out the ‘work to treat and manage collected personal information’ (hereinafter referred to as the "Work") in-house. However, it can entrust its whole/part of Work to a company appointed by it, if it needs to do so.

Chapter 5. Contract Termination and Utilization Limitations

Article 21. Contract Termination and Utilization Limitations

A Member needs to apply for cancellation to the Company to terminate service use contract by means that the Company appointed.

The Company is able to cancel service contracts or to stop its service immediately in the event of non fulfillment of obligation of a Member in accordance with Article 19, without advance notification.

The Company is able to restrict service utilization for a Member in accordance with his/her qualifications, even after he/she has been issued his/her ID and password.

A Member is available to terminate the contract anytime by informing his/her intent of cancellation to the Company.

The utilization contract is terminated when the Company’s intent to terminate its contract is reached to a Member. However, it is terminated when the Company announces its intent to cancel the contract on its website if it is not able to deliver its notification about termination due to inaccurate contact information provided by a Member.

A Member can demur against the Company’s action in accordance with Section 2 and Section 3 of Article 21 by the process appointed by the Company.

The Company resumes its service for a Member in the event that it admits the objection of Section 5 of Article 21.

Chapter 6. Compensation for Damages

Article 22. Compensation for Damages

If a Member violates the regulations of the Terms and Conditions and it damages the Company, he/she shall compensate the damages to the Company.

In the event that the third party, other than a Member, demurs to the Company by a claim of damages or litigation, due to illegality or violation of the Terms and Conditions of a Member, he/she should exempt the responsibility of the Company with his/her responsibility and cost.

Article 23. Exemption from Obligation

The company is exempted from obligation of service supply in the event of a natural disaster or force majeure.

The Company does not take responsibilities for service utilization errors due to reasons imputable to a Member.

The Company does not have an obligation to intervene in disputes between Members or between a Member and another party due to service. Also it does not need to compensate for damages.

Article 24. Competent Court

In the event of disputes related to service use between a Member and the Company, both parties shall negotiate sincerely to solve the dispute.

All parties can litigate to a competent court in the event that the dispute is not settled under the negotiation of Section 1 of Article 24.