Central Hub of World Heritage Sites
  • united nations educational, scientific and cultural oragnization
  • Four UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites are located near Daegu

    Gyeongju Seokkuram and Bulguksa, Gyeongju Historical Areas, Haeinsa Temple Tripitaka Koreana, and the historic villages of Hahoe and Andong

    Surrounded by these intriguing destinations, Daegu is home to five out of theten UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Korea. Daegu is where you can immerse yourself into the roots of Korean culture, while still being connected with its global culture. It’s a beautifully preserved sacred land of Buddhism and Confucianism!
    A world of experiences, opportunities, and attractions for both domestic and foreign visitors. Center of the World’s Cultural Heritage, Daegu' is a world-class exhibition and convention city.
Daegu, World Heritage Convention
Gyeongju Bulguksa, Seokkuram
Gyeongju Historical Areas
Haeinsa Tripitaka Koreana
Andong Hahoe Village
Sansa, Buddhist Mountain Monasteries in Korea

* Updated on Aug. 2019