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Daegu is a city that preserves Korea's modern and contemporary history, culture, and art.
Performances in Daegu encompass Korean tradition, modernity, and are influenced by both the Eastern and Western worlds.
The Daegu International Opera Festival (DIOF) is the largest festival of its kind in Asia, and the Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF) is also hosted in Daegu.
The stunning performances performed by local artists will enrich the itinerary of your next business event in Daegu.
Team Goodam
  • Configuration : Percussion and Samulnori
  • Major Performance

Seoul Drum Festival - Grand Prize in the adult category
World SamulnNori Competition in Chilgok - Grand Prize
National Performing Arts Competition - Grand Prize in the adult category
National Gugak Competition - Best Prize in the adult category

  • Performance troupe : A new type of percussion performance band combining percussion and dance

Team Goodam is a new type of percussion performance band that combines percussion and dance. Starting as “Deungbulpae” with five artists in 1996, the perfomance encompasses traditional forms such as Korean Samulnori. In 2010, the group reorganized under the name “Goodam” and have been giving high-quality percussion performances ever since. Recognized for its hundreds of domestic and international performances and numerous world championships, the troupe’s young performers use traditional Korean rhythms as the backbone of their powerful and exciting performances. In 2017, they were selected as an excellent local art organization and had a show titled 'Goodam, Go Over the Limit! Like the team name "Goodam," which means "mouth" and "story" in Chinese characters, they hope that people will spread the word that Goodam is the best percussion troupe in Korea.

Kim Soo-Kyung
  • +82-10-6694-0504
  • A young female singer in the Daegu and Gyeongbuk showing the beauty of Pansori Korean music.

Kim Sookyung is a young female singer who promotes the charm of Pansori in Daegu and Gyeongbuk. Her vocals can be characterized as having a pure, high-pitched tone, which differentiates her from other traditional Pansori singers. She excels at “Simcheong” fusion Pansori and “Sarang-ga” fusion Pansori. In addition, she has had crossover shows featuring blues, pop, and classical vocal choir music. Currently, she is working as a representative of the Gugak band Narit, working on new Gugak music. Narit planned and produced the cultural content “Let's Go Enjoy the Spiritual Breath” for local reproduction in 2014, and are creating a fun show that encompasses multiple genres of performance, but remains easy to follow and participate in. She strives to improve awareness and expand the base of traditional arts, establish the identity of young Korean musicians, and provide an environment for self-reliance.

  • Career Highlights

2017 Musical "Sleeping in the Moonlight"
2017 A new Gugak show "Park Tae-joon's Friend" selected by the Value Expansion of Writers and Artists Project of Daegu Foundation for Culture
2014-2015 Named one of the “Cultural Activities for Visiting Gyeongsangbuk-do”
The 7th 21C Korean Music Project Bronze Prize (under the team name of Dudalbit before their name change)
2014 Selected as a Social Entrepreneur Fostering Project Startup Team Korea Youth Startup Support Project H-On Dream Innovation Award (Runner-up)

Apple Jazz Orchestra
  • +82-10-6523-8786

Jazz vibraphonist Professor Baek Jinwoo together with Korea’s leading jazz band, Apple Jazz Orchestra have held over 200 concerts where they have thrilled audience with the exciting genre of jazz. In order to increase the popularity of jazz, Baek likes to vary his repertoire with each performance. In particular, he likes to play songs such as Feel So Good, Children of Sanchez, Tequila, Caravan, and St. Thomas. From jazz to K-pop, world music, rock, funk, show tunes, and classical music, you can enjoy stage shows in a wide variety of formats and ensembles from duets to full orchestras.

  • Configuration

Vibraphone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drum, percussion, flute, vocals, bass, ocarina

  • Major Performance

2017 Daegu International Jazz Festival
2016 Pohang CBS Summer Jazz Concert with Son Seung-yeon

  • +82-10-2662-8762
  • Ensemble

Baritone, alto, tenor, soprano, bass

  • Major Performance

2017 Gyeongbokgung Palace Concert Finale Performance
2015 Gwangju Cultural Foundation r Saturday Performance and a cappella Performance
2012 KBS1 Korean Traditional Music'Open with a New Sound' Appearance
2012 Sakhalin, Russia 4th International Folk Music Competition General Grand Prize
2012 4th World Korean Language Educators Conference Dinner Invitation Congratulatory Performance

  • Intro

It is the world's first Korean classical music acapella team to introduce a cappella singing method to a folk song that has been a song of the lives of folks for many years. Just as each province has a dialect; Korean traditional music has the same musical color as Yeokjabaegitori in Jeolla-do and Gyeonggi-do in Gyeonggi Province. It has a solid foundation to grow into a world class, winning the grand prize of the '21c Korean Music Project' hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2009 and the grand prize of the'Russian International Folk Music Contest' in 2012. The stage with Korean traditional sounds and a cappella's five-part Hwaseong-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass- provide an enjoyable sound journey to people around the world.

Free Soul Ensemble
  • +82-10-8181-3377 (Song Seonghoon)
  • 69, Janggi-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Free Soul is a vocal group delivering happiness through their beautiful voices. They have performed songs from shows such as the operas Turandot and Rigoletto, the musicals Les Miserables, Cats, and Miss Saigon, and even soft K-pop songs or Korean folk Minyo songs. It is composed of eight members including tenor Song Seonghoon, who is passionate about arias and possesses a strong repertoire, baritone Song Myunghoon, who captivates the audience with his unique voice, and soprano Choi Hyojung, who is in charge of selecting songs and arranging the music. As an ensemble of classical musicians, they re-imagine classical music for a wide variety of audiences and events, such as year-end concerts and local festivals.

  • Configuration

Male: 3 tenors, 1 baritone
Female: 1 mezzo soprano, 5 sopranos

  • Major Performance

2017 Free Soul Ensemble Gala Concert – Romance Opera
2016 New Year’s Eve ceremony performance
2016 Daegu Daeduk Culture Center 'Traveling Busking Performances’

Via Trio
  • +82-17-507-7157 (Songham)

Via Trio is a classical crossover performance troupe that plays Arirang as its main melody. Composed of four female performers playing the violin, piano, haegeum and cello, they were the first Korean artists to perform at the Glastonbury Festival in England. The groups plays classical music by bringing together Western instruments with the Korean instrument haegeum. While Korean percussion has been widely promoted in the West, they feel that the melody of Arirang is also a beautiful aspect of Korea that should be shared with the world as well. They have played Arirang at festivals like Festival d’Avignon in France and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK. Their Arirang performance featuring the haegeum and violin is truly moving, and this group takes pride in bringing people happiness with their unique music.

  • Configuration

Violin, haegeum, piano, cello

  • Major Performance

2017 Concert "Arirang in Thirty"
2017 Glastonbury Festival 3rd Official Invitation
2017 of With Art, With Culture Series
2016 Daegu Concert House, Hug Healing Concert host, and play

I Cantanti
  • +82-10-5871-0885 (Lee In-cheol)

I Cantanti, which means 'singers' in Italian, is an ensemble of 14 people. The soloists, who are active throughout the country, put on fun shows based on classical music. Although they are based on classical music, the shows are not heavy and serious, but rather joyful performances featuring whimsical moments where the performers sing with toy guitars or shake their bodies and dancing.The group has performed at international concerts such as Seoul Arts Center, Shanghai Arts Exchange Festival, Invitational Concert in Mongolia, and the Kazakhstan Almaty Cultural Exchange Event. They have a varied repertoire that includes Korean songs, Italian operas, Chechen folk songs, pop songs, and music from famous films.

  • Configuration

A male ensemble of select local vocalists who are currently active as soloists.
Female: 1 mezzo soprano, 5 sopranos

  • Major Performance

2017 Director Lee Incheol, Suseong Artpia, Autumn Concert, "A Night of Korean Art Songs"
2017 Daegu Medical Association 70th Anniversary Concert
2016 Daegu Arts Center, 3 Days Concert Series
2014 Daegu Arts Center, Year-end Concert
2003 Director Lee In-cheol and local vocalists made the team
More than 600 invitational performances in Seoul Arts Center, Gwangju, Pyeongchang, Jeonju and Changwon.
Performed at international events commerative concerts held in the region, including Daegu International Opera Festival and 2011 World Athletics Championships in Daegu

Artkiki and Joep Van Rhijn
  • +82-10-8850-7484
  • Ensemble

Trumpet, Contrabass, Drums, Piano, and other jazz instruments

  • Major Performance

2019 Jazz Around the Globe
2019 The Flower of Jazz, Trumpet in Asan
2019 A Jazz Story from Mars (Broadway Jazz)
2019 Jazz in Daegu Festival
2018 Showcase of 2nd album
2015 Joep van Rhijn Jazz Trio –Jeju Island

  • Intro

Joep Van Rhijn is a Dutch jazz trumpet player who began performing lecture-style concerts with a music critic to share his life through jazz music in 2016. He continues to host brunch and morning concerts to allow for audiences to enjoy jazz music in casual everyday settings. Selected as an outstanding program by The Korean Cultural & Arts Centers Association in 2018, he has performed in cities all across the country, including Daegu, Busan, Changwon, and Icheon. He has also performed in collaboration with Artkiki at Jazz in Daegu, one of the largest jazz festivals in Korea, to bring jazz even closer to the people.

Fusion GugakEarrang
  • +82-10-5231-8686
  • Ensemble

Flute, Drum, Jazz Piano, Daegum, Gayageum, Haegeum, Pansori, and Geomungo

  • Major Performance

2018 Invitational Concert in Kaohsiung
2018 Daegu Colorful Festival
2018 Invitational Concert in Da Nag
2017 Special Guest for the Arirang Philharmonics Orchestra
2017 Feature on the Cultural Walk show on KBS1
2016 Designated as a Professional Arts Organization by Daegu city

  • Intro

Earrang is derived from combining the words “EAR” and “RANG,” a conjunction meaning “together,” Combined, Earrang has the meaning of listening to peaceful music.
The fusion Gugak team Earrang was created in 2009 to share and further develop Korea’s traditional music into something everyone can easily listen to and enjoy.


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