Villa de forRe (forRest12)

 forRest 12 provides true meaning of rest in nature to exhausted modern people with greenhouse giving 12season 12 pleasure, an open air garden, 4 season outdoor pool, accommodations, ecology experience with 4 themes of eco healing, experience and learning, art and culture, rest. We suggest new trend of forest lodge to enjoy health and leisure at a time as a coexisting place with forest.

  Accommodation, Villa de forRe is made of fire tree and yellow soil brick and provides eco-friendly rest.

You can feel the breeze sound, birds singing and wood sound from the forest. It's true place of healing.


-Reservation Inquiry : +82-1688-8511

-For further information : +82-53-424-1400 / 


 Room Facilities

 tv, telephone, refrigerator, water pot, bidet, hair drier, bath amenity, etc


 BBQ Grill is available(except rainy days), 50% discount coupon for customers who reserved rooms .


※Transportation Information


 Departure Site

Estimated Time 


 by Car


About 30 min' 

About  17.23km

Dongdaegu Station

About 24 min'

About 13.60km

 by Bus


About 1hour and 3 min'

(11 min' on feet) 

 Take bus Belt Line 2 in front of "Fashion Center Korea" bus stop  Get off at "Sangyeok Jugong Apts" bus stop → Take bus Rapid Line 2 → Get off at "Spa Valley1" → Walk about 415m

Dongdaegu Station

 About 56 min'

(15 min' on feet)

 Take bus Suseong 4 in front of "Across the Dongdaegu Station" bus stop  Get off at "in front of the Dongseong Elementary School" bus stop → Take bus Rapid Line 2 → Get off at "Spa Valley1" → Walk about 415m

  • Hotel

  • Meeting room:32

  • 27-9, Nangcheon-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

  • 053)608-5000


  • True rest experiencing and enjoying the forest near downtown

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