Otgol Village Hwajeon Goteak


  The Daegu Cultural Heritage Corporation runs a wide range of traditional experience programs with the aim of preserving cultural heritage. Such programs include hanok (traditional house) stays, hanok experience, folk games, tea ceremonies, seodang (village school) experience, and traditional etiquette lessons.


  Hanok stays are available at the Otgol Village House (Baekbul House). The old house consists of an Anchae (inner quarters) and a Sarangchae (men's quarters). The Sangbang ( room opposite the main room in the Anchae) and the Sarangbang (a room in the Sarangchae) are offered for accommodation. Visitors who come here to experience hanok can also take part in a tea ceremony or folk games in the Donggyejeong (pavilion) or seodang. Traditional etiquette lessons are held in the Bobongdang (memorial hall). The guesthouse is located 20 minutes by car from the Dongdaegu Station and from Daegu International Airport. It also sits close to downtown Daegu, allowing visitors easy access to other tourist attractions in the city.


 -Reservation Inquiry : +82-11-708-4408


 ※Transportation Information


Departure Site 

 Estimated Time


 by Car


 About 30 min'

 About 10.59km

 Dongdaegu Station

 About 25 min'

 About 8.34km

 by Bus


 About 55 min'

(7 min' on foot)

 Take bus 323 in front of "in front of EXCO" bus stop  Get off in front of "Ayanggyo station" (subway line 1) → Take bus "Donggu 3 (Otgol direction) → Get off at "Gyeongju Choi Clan", the last bus stop


 Dongdaegu Station

 About 44 min'

(15 min' on foot)

 Take bus "Donggu 3" (Otgol direction) in front of KT Dongdaegu office → Get off at "Gyeongju Choi Clan", the last bus stop




  • Guest House

  • Meeting room:11

  • 344-1, Dunsan-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu

  • 010-3708-4408

  • www.옻골한옥마을.kr

  • im1055@hanmail.net

  • Daegu's traditioinal Otgol village offers you hanok (Korean traditional house) stays

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