Daegu Textile Complex (DTC)

'New Business Convergence Center, Daegu Textile Complex (DTC)'

The Daegu Textile Complex opened in 2015, to create prestige for Daegu’s textile industry and support international 

marketing. The building, which has 49,667 of total floor area, has two underground levels and nine stories on the ground.

It accommodates trade companies, organizations which support textile distribution and exports, a business center, 

a seminar room for symposium, as well as an exhibition hall and multipurpose hall.

Most of all, event organizers can plan international meetings, events and shows at the multi-purpose hall 

which has 1,100 seats and another space which can accommodate up to 1,400 people on the same floor. 

Event planning just got so much easier. The Textile Museum, one of the main facilities, shows the history of 20th 

century fashion, works by textile artists and fashion designers, the history of the Korean textile industry and more.

Visitors can learn the history of the first and oldest textile company and the present and future of new textiles,

which are made with innovative and advanced technology. This is place is also free for residents.


*Facility Information





1,100 seats

For performances, 

international forums, 

seminars and 

other events 



Seminar Room l (50 seats)

Seminar Room ll (50 seats)

Seminar Room lll (200 seats/ 100 seats / The room can be partitioned )

Beam projector





  • Etc

  • Meeting room:4/Capacity:up to 1,400people

  • Daegu Dongu bongmu-dong 1560-1

  • +82-053-980-1020

  • http://www.dtcomplex.org/

  • ghtnr921@naver.com

  • It has 1,100 seats and another space which can accommodate up to 1,400 people on the same floor. So Event planning just got so much easier.