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Etc Daegu Creative Economy Innovation Center 2 78 C-Lab(C-Lab has a multi-purpose room where you can plan a talk show or an event.) Daegu Dongu dongdaegu-ro 489 053-759-6380 ccei.creativekorea.or.kr/daegu/main.do

The Daegu Creative Economy Innovation Center was built to encourage ICT start-up companies.

The main facility is C-Lab Seminar (maximum 8 people) where you can hold meetings and seminars, and the C-Lab also has a multi-purpose room where you can plan a talk show or an event. 

Hotel Daegu Grand Hotel 7 600 Banquet halls and multipurpose rooms are equpped to handle a variety of events. 563-1, Dongdaegu-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu 053-742-0001 www.taegugrand.co.kr concierge@daegugrand.co.kr
Located in the heart of Daegu's thriving Suseong-gu district, Grand Hotel has been built with ultra-modern facilities, while retaining colorful decor and stylish interior.
Over 150 comfortable rooms are available to relax in. The hotel has many dining options, which include Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine, along with a buffet where you can try a bit of everything. Staying active in the hotel is easy, with its range of amenities including health club, driving range, and Korean-style sauna.

Locally regarded as being one of the region's best options for business tourists, the high level of service and attention to detail to its interior and high-end furnishings has made this hotel a preferred choice among international visitors. 

Daegu Grand Hotel's business center has been meticulously prepared with the purpose of helping you maintain your successful lifestyle during your stay. Featuring the latest computers, printers, copiers, and office equipment, your work station here will make you feel that you never left your home office. 

With a tireless commitment to reinvent themselves while preserving sound hospitality principles, the management of Daegu Grand Hotel welcomes you into their home.

Etc Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center 13 320 Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center popular for local seminars and exhibitions. Daegu dongu dongdaegu-ro 461 053-740-0019 http://www.dgdc.or.kr hareman@dgdc.or.kr

The Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center is the “design hub” of the Daegu and Gyeongbuk area, which fosters and 

develops the design industry. It is considered the core of the creative management and knowledge industry as well.

Also, with convenient transportation (subway & subway stations, express bus terminal and airport).

A convention hall with a simultaneous interpretation facility, four exhibition halls and seven meeting rooms.

(accommodating 800 people at a time); it’s also popular for local seminars and exhibitions.


Since it opened in 2007, it has held a lot of exhibitions, forums and seminars:

‘The 1st Color & Design Week(2007)’, ‘Icograda Design Week in Daegu (2008)’,

‘The 23rd Korean Stamp Exhibition (2010)’, ‘International Photo Symposium (2011)’,

‘The Symposium of The Yeongnam Society of Cardiology (2012)’ and more. With these events, 

It plays a role as a main agent of ‘design innovation’, which has revived the local economy.

Etc Daegu Textile Complex (DTC) 4 1400 It has 1,100 seats and another space which can accommodate up to 1,400 people on the same floor. So Event planning just got so much easier. Daegu Dongu bongmu-dong 1560-1 053-980-1020 http://www.dtcomplex.org/ ghtnr921@naver.com

'New Business Convergence Center, Daegu Textile Complex (DTC)'

The Daegu Textile Complex opened in 2015, to create prestige for Daegu’s textile industry and support international 

marketing. The building, which has 49,667 of total floor area, has two underground levels and nine stories on the ground.

It accommodates trade companies, organizations which support textile distribution and exports, a business center, 

a seminar room for symposium, as well as an exhibition hall and multipurpose hall.

Most of all, event organizers can plan international meetings, events and shows at the multi-purpose hall 

which has 1,100 seats and another space which can accommodate up to 1,400 people on the same floor. 

Event planning just got so much easier. The Textile Museum, one of the main facilities, shows the history of 20th 

century fashion, works by textile artists and fashion designers, the history of the Korean textile industry and more.

Visitors can learn the history of the first and oldest textile company and the present and future of new textiles,

which are made with innovative and advanced technology. This is place is also free for residents.


*Facility Information





1,100 seats

For performances, 

international forums, 

seminars and 

other events 



Seminar Room l (50 seats)

Seminar Room ll (50 seats)

Seminar Room lll (200 seats/ 100 seats / The room can be partitioned )

Beam projector





Convention Center EXCO Convention Center 50 10000 There are 5 floors above ground and 4 below. It is an international and domestic conference&exhibition facility that can hold both domestic and int'l conferences including large-scale exhibition 1676, Sangyeok 2 Dong, Daegu 053-601-5000 www.exco.co.kr webmaster@exco.co.kr
EXCO Daegu towers five stories above ground, while extending four levels below. It offers state-of-the-art conference rooms,and exhibition halls that accommodate international and domestic conferences as well as grand-scale exhibitions. 

Remodeled in 2011, the exhibition hall is now 22,159㎡, the convention hall 3,872㎡, the auditorium (conference room) 1,581㎡, and a total of thirty-four conference rooms 5,771㎡. In addition, Daegu EXCO, a total of 29,511㎡, supports exhibition rooms and conference rooms which makes it possible to hold three medium and grand sized exhibitions, or two grand-scale conferences.
Hotel HOTEL LAONZENA 4 800 Business Center, 4 Banquet Rooms 73 Beomeocheon-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu +82-53-718-7001 www.hotellaonzena.com -

Hotel Laonzena is opening a new chapter in the hotel industry as a sister company of POSCO Engineering Co., Ltd

It delivers the high-quality service and value to the customers of business by providing the best venue and service for meetings and business events.

Also it’s located just 10 minutes away from East Daegu Station and Express Bus Terminal. It only takes 20 minutes from Daegu International Airport and 5 minutes walking distance from the station of City Rail Line 3 (surface monorail).

Hotel HOTEL SUSUNG 3 300 Located near Susung Lake 106-7 Younghak-ro, Susung-gu, Daegu 053-764-2300 www.hotelsusung.co.kr hotelss1001@hanmail.net

Daegu’s Suseong Tourist Hotel, which started as the very first hotel business in Daegu in 1963, has been renamed Hotel Suseong from the 1st of July, 2012 and upholds its tradition and history of the past half century.

Hotel Suseong has a beautiful view of Suseong Lake and downtown Daegu in the distance. Conveniently located on the side of a small mountain, the Hotel Suseong walking trail allows you to take a relaxing and comfortable walk, or visit the nearby Suseong Lake and all that it has to offer. 

Hotel Interburgo EXCO 10 3000 Positioned on the opposite side of EXCO, the nation's largest Grand Ballroom and five banquet and meeting facilities (Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 3000 people) 80, Yutongdanji-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu 053-380-0114 ibexco.co.kr/index.html - In the vicinity of Daegu International Airport and conveniently located across from EXCO, this lavish hotel is perfectly located for all who visit Daegu. Boasting the nation's largest Grand Ballroom, as well as five spacious banquet and meeting rooms (Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 3000 people), Interburgo EXCO's expansive facilities have been home to numerous successful business functions, ceremonies, and banquets.
Hotel Interburgo Hotel 20 2500 13 banquet and meeting facilities (Convention hall can accommodate up to 2,500 people). 300, Manchon-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu 053-602-7114 www.ibhotel.com/index.html - As a valued member of the Spain-based Interburgo Group, Interburgo Hotel has been thriving at its present location since its opening in 2001. Overlooking the Geumho River from Mangwoo Park, the hotel has blossomed to become designated as Daegu’s first 5-star hotel. A frequent centerpoint for many of Daegu’s international events and conventions, the hotel has a long history of consistently handling the needs of foreign guests, and their efforts have recently doubled with the addition of the foreigner-only Daegu Casino located on the premises.
Etc Kyungpook National University’s Global Plaza 29 1320 29 banquet and seminar rooms (up to 1320 people can be accommodated) Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu 053-950-7122 globalplaza.knu.ac.kr/ - After a number of years in detailed design and construction, Kyungpook National University opened its doors to its 17-story Global Plaza, which boasts international conference rooms, a spacious convention hall, and a variety of space to house both convention facilities and academic operations and research. 
Hotel Novotel Ambassador Daegu 7 500 Business Center, 15 Banquet and Meeting Rooms 11-1, Munhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu 053-664-1101 www.novoteldaegu.co.kr - Newly opened in July 2008, Novotel Ambassador Daegu was launched as part of a new addition to the Accor chain of international hotels.  The Accor family of hotels elevates Daegu's hospitality industry by bringing its global hotel management and exemplary customer service experiences of operating over 4000 hotels in 137 countries. Due to its prime location, Novotel Ambassador Daegu is integrated closely with Daegu's economy, shopping, and culture, and is conveniently located within walking distance of Daegu's 2 subway lines. Regional travel access is just a short distance away, with high-speed KTX train service stopping at Dongdaegu Station, as well as regional and international flights landing daily at Daegu International Airport. Regardless of if you are staying for business or travel, you'll see that Novotel Ambassador Daegu is committed to providing the utmost in comfort and service with its modern rooms, elegant dining facilities, and attentive staff.