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Convention Center EXCO Convention Center 50 10000 There are 5 floors above ground and 4 below. It is an international and domestic conference&exhibition facility that can hold both domestic and int'l conferences including large-scale exhibition 1676, Sangyeok 2 Dong, Daegu 053-601-5000 www.exco.co.kr webmaster@exco.co.kr
EXCO Daegu towers five stories above ground, while extending four levels below. It offers state-of-the-art conference rooms,and exhibition halls that accommodate international and domestic conferences as well as grand-scale exhibitions. 

Remodeled in 2011, the exhibition hall is now 22,159㎡, the convention hall 3,872㎡, the auditorium (conference room) 1,581㎡, and a total of thirty-four conference rooms 5,771㎡. In addition, Daegu EXCO, a total of 29,511㎡, supports exhibition rooms and conference rooms which makes it possible to hold three medium and grand sized exhibitions, or two grand-scale conferences.