daegu visitor card

Daegu Card

‘Daegu  Card’  is  provided  to  offer  better  service  and  benefits  to those  who  travel  to Daegu.

With  the  theme  “MUST  EAT,  MUST  BUY,  and  MUST  GO”, you  can  get  the  Daegu Card  affiliated  store  information  and  receive  discounts  /  services.

컨벤션스 대구 카드


5%~30%  discount  and/or  other  benefits  may  be  given  when  using Daegu  Card  affiliated  stores (restaurants,  stores,  tourist  attractions)  indicated below  (PDF). (Benefits  given  ONLY  at  affiliated  sotres.)

Target  audience

Convention(MICE)  participants  in  Daegu

How  to  get

Inquire  at  the  ‘Welcome  Desk’  located  at  the  event  site  during  any convention(MICE)  held  in  Daegu. ※ Daegu  Convention  &  Visitors  Bureau  (DCVB)  operates  the  ‘Welcome  Desk’  at convention events hosted in Daegu to provide information of Daegu(tourism·lodging·restaurants).

Please  visit  DCVB’s  ‘Welcome  Desk’  and  receive  various  benefits  with  the  ‘Daegu Card’

컨벤션스 대구 카드 가이드북 받기 - MUST EAT

컨벤션스 대구 카드 가이드북 받기 - MUST BUY

컨벤션스 대구 카드 가이드북 받기 - MUST GO

* Updated on Nov. 2015