Daegu to host Water Expo Korea 2015 & International Water Nexus Conference


25 September, 2015, Daegu, Republic of Korea: South Korea’s leading water B2B (Business to Business) exhibition ‘Water Expo Korea 2015’ will be hosted at Daegu EXCO from 28 to 30 October.

This year marks 4th opening of Water Expo Korea, and this year’s Expo will exhibit 80 local and overseas water companies at 200 booths, including Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, K-water, Royal Precision Industry, Dohwa Engineering, Hyorim Industries, and Synopex. Last year’s Expo brought approximately 15,000 guests (200 international guests) and 16,000 guests are anticipated to come this year.

With a goal to nurture and host water industries in Daegu, Water Expo will bring together newest technology & products, policy and trends ? all related to water ? at a single venue. As part of exhibition, newest technology and products to include Water treatment, membrane, comprehensive design engineering, water supply and sewage, water recycle, water resources development, sea water desalination, and policy promotion will be showcased. 100 bottles of domestic and overseas brand water will be displayed at the Water Bar to allow guests to compare price & usage.

As water experts around the world gather once again after the 7th World Water Forum that was hosted in April, Daegu is hoping for strengthening its image as the Water City.

 The 4th International Water Nexus Conference will be hosted simultaneously with the Water Expo. 300 scholars around the world will participate in this conference to exchange latest information on water nexus researches and case studies.

◆ Overview ◆
* Water Expo Korea 2015
- Date: 28 (WED) October ~ 30 (FRI) Octobe,r 2015 / 3days
- Venue: Hall #1, 1st Floor, EXCO, Daegu, South Korea
- Host: Daegu Metropolitan City Government
- Supervision: EXCO, Korea Water Forum
- Exhibition size: 80 companies, 200 booths
- Estimated size of audience: 16,000 persons (200 from overseas)

* International Water Nexus Conference (Hosted simultaneously with Water Expo)
- Date: 28(WED)  ~ 30(FRI)  October 2015
- Agenda: Presentation & Discussion on water nexus research and case studies
- Estimated size of participants: 300 persons (100 from overseas)

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