Daegu Hosts 「The 12th Internatioinal Junior Science Olympiad(IJSO-2015)」


From 2 December for 10 days at Kyungpook National University in Daegu,

500 participants from 50 countries

Hosted by the International Junior Science Olympiad Executive Committee; co-hosted by ISJO-2015 Committee, Society of International Gifted in Science, Kyungpook National University; and sponsored by the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning, Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, Korea Tourism Organization, and Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau, the 12th International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO-2015) was held from 2 to 11 December 2015.

IJSO is one of 9 International Olympiads (Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, astronomy, information, International Young Physicists’ Tournament, and IJSO) officially recognized by the Ministry of Science ICT and Future Planning, but only event where Asian countries take the leading role, with its secretariat headquartered in Taiwan.

Supposedly a competition of each country’s greatest and finest gifted-in-science, the goal of this event is to nurture science prodigies as global leaders through a cultural exchange. In support of the goal of this event, exchange of traditional culture, as well as programs to visit the host nation’s culture & history will be conducted.

South Korea has been making excellent achievements - all of 6 participants from South Korea have won gold medals in 2008 competition, where 1 of them has won the championship. 6 representatives are selected through Korea Junior Science Olympiad (KJSO) to train 6 months for the International Olympiad. During the selection process, applicants who passed preliminary examination but did not make to the final will still benefit from receiving online & offline education - a considerate effort from the host to provide education benefits to as many students as possible.

Chairman of the IJSO-2015 Organizing Committee, Dr. Hwang Ui Wook stated “the 12th hosting of IJSO-2015 will enable young scientists from many countries - who will be the science leaders in years to come - to share friendship, and also provide an opportunity to conduct joint research activities based on friendship they share” and “this will be a great opportunity to promote South Korea’s culture and advanced level of science.”

<IJSO-2015 Overview>

1. Overview
○ Name of event: The 12th International Junior Science Olympiad
○ Duration: 2 DEC 2015 (Wednesday) ~ 11 DEC (Friday) / 10days
○ Venue: Kyungpook National University and select locations in Daegu Metropolitan City
○ Host: IJSO Executive Committee
○ Organized by: IJSO-2015 Organizing Committee, Society of International Gifted in Science, and Kyungpook National University
○ Sponsored by: the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning, Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, Korea Tourism Organization, and Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau
○ Participation: 500 participants from 50 countries, to include Germany, Russia, India, and China
○ Agenda: Official event, competition, cultural tour, and other events

2. Goal

○ To gain interest in the field of science, and to create an environment to identify and nurture outstanding scientists
○ Plan a strategy to position Republic of Korea as the Mecca of world junior science, and to devise a concretized measure to build foundation
○ Create an opportunity for students to get comfortable in the field of natural science and engineering
○ Raise stature of Republic of Korea through promotion and introduction of traditional culture
○ Highlight the ‘Daegu’ as a brand to the international society, and establish a hub of international gifted-in-science education
○ Maximize economic ripple effects in the area by forming an international network

3. Point of contact
○ IJSO-2015 secretariat (053-746-9968 / ijso2015@gmail.com)

※ This article was realeased based on IJSO-2015 secretariat's press realease.

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