Success Know-how of Korean Industrial Cluster - Regional Specialization Visit



TCI Global Conference Secretariat hosted a cluster tour bringing government officials, entrepreneurs, and research experts from 60 countries together, on 3 November.

Cluster tour is part of ‘the 18th TCI Global Conference’, where regions with outstanding industrial cluster are designated, and the conference participants visit the designated industrial sites, research complexes, and public assistance institutions.
For this tour, 7 specialized industrial clusters were designated, to include Daegu, Pohang, Gumi, and Gyeongju. Daegu organized the technical visit program so that the participants visit the finest mid-size producers in textile/dyeing & machine/electronic industrial complexes, to see with their own eyes how Daegu has established the region-specialized cluster.

With 66 participants in the textile/dyeing cluster visit program, the first itinerary was to visit Korea Textile Development Institute. Presentation on new technology development and activities to develop the region’s industry by providing technical assistance and textile information to the industry were provided. Followed by presentation, the participants were guided to Korea Polytechnics College Textile & Fashion Campus to have lunch with students. Visitors spend their time in college observing the students’ works and facilities to see the future of Daegu’s textile & dyeing industry. The program ended with a visit to Daegu Textile Complex - only textile museum in Korea - to learn the history and excellence of Daegu’s textile industry.

Machine & electronics technical visit was organized at Seongseo Industrial Complex - heart of Korea’s best machine & robotics cluster. Participants visited Daegu Mechatronics & Materials Institute and were interested of the building structure, which is divided into technology assistance sector and industry assistance sector. Program at cutting tool producer OSG Korea Corporation allowed visitors to experience a site visit of a huge factory, along with a presentation on how OSG Korea has developed itself into one of the benchmark mid-size enterprise in Daegu. Daegu Creative Economy Innovation Center provided a visual display of well-established facility maintenance and industry assistance facilities to the guests, as well as an opportunity to benchmark Korea’s success of machine & electronics industrial culture through an organic coordination between the industry, education, research, and government.

A government official from the Republic of South Africa stated “South Korea has made an unprecedented economic development, which makes it the most charming country that I would love to benchmark” and also said “Cluster visit that I participated somewhat relieved the challenges I had, and I take away lessons from Korea that Korea’s industrial competency is backed by an organic cooperation between industry-education-research-government and an aggressive assistance programs initiated by government.”

‘The 18th TCI Global Conference’ at EXCO, Daegu culminated with huge success with participation of 900 participants from 86 nations. Visitors had great responses to the event, which included academic conference, export consultation, industry marketing booth, outstanding business presentation, and other various business programs. The conference was praised that it provided a success model of Korea’s industrial cluster - the backbone of South Korea’s rapid growth, and for creating an opportunity for exchange of global cluster network and cooperation.

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Sung-mi JANG
Manager / MICE 3 Team