Daegu CVB to obtain first “ISO20121” global standard in Korea’s MICE Industry


                        ISO20121 certification ceremony on 28 August, 2015          Sustainable MICE Campaign ‘Be a Green Man’ 

25 September, 2015, Daegu, Republic of Korea: Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau(Daegu CVB) leads sustainability of Korea’s MICE industry with ISO20121 Event Sustainability Management System certification.
Daegu CVB obtained first ISO20121 international standard certification in Korea’s MICE industry and hosted ISO certification ceremony on 28 August, 2015.

Established as a first CVB in Korea, Daegu CVB has been promoting Daegu as a convention destination for international events for the past 10 years, while diverting form ‘one time only’ events in order to maximize economic, socio-cultural, and environmental ripple effects in Daegu. Daegu CVB has been striving to obtain ISO20121 certification in support of promoting Daegu’s city brand image ‘The Sustainable MICE City, Daegu’.

With the signing of ‘CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) & Green Agreement’ in February 2014, Daegu CVB has been running a sustainable MICE Campaign ‘Be a Green Man’ during major MICE events hosted in Daegu.

During the 7th World Water Forum, Daegu CVB utilized recycled materials, minimized the use of banners and waste to save cost, and planned to stimulate regional MICE industry through a strenuous effort in using local vendors and products. Also Daegu CVB created ‘Forest Carbon Offset’ with eco-friendly campaign, managed ‘Carbon Kid Detectives’ program, and operated school gardening program to foster voluntary carbon-reduction activities which contributes to the local community.

Daegu CVB selected a goal and value to achieve sustainable development, in coordination with its stakeholders (host, companies, public sector organization, education agency, and civil society). DCVB was able to establish a sustainable MICE management system based on the cases used during previous MICE events. Such effort received recognition and ultimately led to ISO20121 certification - a well-known global standard.

Staff from Daegu CVB stated “ISO20121 certification will help efficient budget planning and improve participant satisfaction, which will then increase Daegu’s competitiveness to host international conferences. It is significant that this certification provided realistic ways for MICE to contribute to the local community and its economy.”
“Daegu CVB will continue to support the region’s MICE industries so that they can take part in MICE activities. This will help Daegu to play a leading role as a sustainable MICE city, both in Republic of Korea as well as overseas.”

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